30th January

Nearly at the end of the first month of the project.

I was looking back through the pictures I’ve posted so far and I realised that over the last 30 days I’ve only played with a handful of my characters, so I’m setting myself a little goal for February; to dig out some under-played, under-levelled and under-geared members of my Team Tyria and dust off some of their cobwebs. Shame WvW XP isn’t going accountbound with next week’s patch, but I won’t let that deter me from playing new content with those other than my main.

Phizla - she's not to be mes'd with...

Phizla – she’s not to be mes’d with…

29th January

Took a low level character to explore The Grove this evening, it’s my favourite city for returning to. Each visit seems to show me something I’d missed last time. If you haven’t been yet, or you haven’t had time for a relaxed meander round it’s leafy bowers you really should go and drink it all in.

Grove transportation.

Grove transportation.

28th January

Have to admit to not getting up to a great deal in game tonight. I’m busy scouring the internet for a new house, catching up with a Danish TV show which requires me to read subtitles and starting to think about writing my dissertation.

So in game I played the TP a bit and went window-shopping in the Mists for a new Mesmer outfit that won’t clip with Sunrise.  Not very interesting screen fodder so I thought you could meet Binky instead.

Meet Binky - Protector of Asurankind.

Meet Binky – Protector of Asurankind.

27th January

Rejoice Tyria!  Zhaitan is dead…again.

A couple of bonus screens today in honour of our victory celebration.  We had a wonderfully smooth run through Arah, although most of us are no stranger to Victory or Death, as always the loot was terrible.  Perhaps if they improved the mob drops throughout more people would run it?

Anyway, no doubt I’ll be back to visit old ‘Z’ again soon with either my engineer, necro or ranger – can I get all three through by the end of the project365?

All aboard The Glory of Tyria.

All aboard The Glory of Tyria.

Triumphant return to Fort Trinity.

Triumphant return to Fort Trinity.

Dancing with Wozmack the Wonderful's troupe of ghostly moas.

Dancing with Wozmack the Wonderful’s troupe of ghostly moas.

26th January

Today was a good day – built and geared my engineer, cleared up a couple of sections of Twilight Arbor, some fun and well attended guild missions and finishing with my Mesmer’s final few personal story steps to get to the gates of Arah – watch out Zhaitan, I’m coming for you…again! (this will be my 5th chracter to complete the personal story)

The Nightmare Tree defeated.

The Nightmare Tree defeated.

25th January

Forced to spend more time with Zhaitan’s personal gatekeeper, the incredibly annoying Trahearne.  At least I had the satisfaction of having the better sword, imho…

Pfft! Caladbolg, who cares.

Pfft! Caladbolg, who cares.

24th January

So whilst I was at work on Patch Day (21st) this week I was lucky enough to be on Twitter when @GuildMag gave away a couple of GW2 Dragon t-shirts and even luckier to be quick enough to secure one.  Before I got a chance to redeem the code the new patch hit and after that everything went all puppet strings and drooling wurms.

Having had a chance to catch my breath a few days in I’ve also had time to get my lovely new t-shirt ingame – so this one is for you @GuildMag – thanks a million!

Awesome t-shirt!

Awesome t-shirt!


23rd January

Threw myself into Marionette events with gusto this evening, looking to collect enough of Scarlet’s fragments to discover the secrets hidden about her lair, or loot shack as I like to call it.  I was not disappointed with what I found there, some most intriguing discoveries.

Killer heels...

Killer heels…

22nd January

Yeah, so tonight I’ve been mostly waypointing between Lornar’s Pass and Bloodtide Coast.  Riding the overflow, commander-rich pugfests that are Scarlet’s Marionette and the Giant Jungle Wurm encounters.  Was on a great overflow that completed the marionette despite a few failed strings, no joy with the wurm – although I did get swallowed several times!

So far I’m loving the patch.  I love watching the community come together to work out the strategies for beating these events, whether they succeed every time or not.

Strange things afoot at Lornar's Pass.

Strange things afoot at Lornar’s Pass.

21st January

Patch Day!!!!

So excited, but limited for play time this evening.  I have had a chance to fight both the Marionette and the Giant Jungle Wurm and had the privilege of being part of the mass slaughter inflicted by both.  I have absolute faith that the community will crack both of these pretty quick, and in the meantime I’ll just have fun wading in and killing without prejudice.

Oh and as you may be able to see in the picture, I crafted Sunrise today (yay! shiny).

Giant Jungle Wurm 1 - Tyria 0

Giant Jungle Wurm 1 – Tyria 0