23rd January

Threw myself into Marionette events with gusto this evening, looking to collect enough of Scarlet’s fragments to discover the secrets hidden about her lair, or loot shack as I like to call it.  I was not disappointed with what I found there, some most intriguing discoveries.

Killer heels...

Killer heels…

22nd January

Yeah, so tonight I’ve been mostly waypointing between Lornar’s Pass and Bloodtide Coast.  Riding the overflow, commander-rich pugfests that are Scarlet’s Marionette and the Giant Jungle Wurm encounters.  Was on a great overflow that completed the marionette despite a few failed strings, no joy with the wurm – although I did get swallowed several times!

So far I’m loving the patch.  I love watching the community come together to work out the strategies for beating these events, whether they succeed every time or not.

Strange things afoot at Lornar's Pass.

Strange things afoot at Lornar’s Pass.

21st January

Patch Day!!!!

So excited, but limited for play time this evening.  I have had a chance to fight both the Marionette and the Giant Jungle Wurm and had the privilege of being part of the mass slaughter inflicted by both.  I have absolute faith that the community will crack both of these pretty quick, and in the meantime I’ll just have fun wading in and killing without prejudice.

Oh and as you may be able to see in the picture, I crafted Sunrise today (yay! shiny).

Giant Jungle Wurm 1 - Tyria 0

Giant Jungle Wurm 1 – Tyria 0

20th January

I’m usually something of a completionist when it comes to achievements for living story and the like, so I’ve surprised myself this Wintersday but only completing just over half of the related achievements.  The ones I haven’t done relate to the activities in Tixx’s Infinirarium, which I was around to complete the previous year and the snowball mayhem game.  I managed to conquer the Wintersday jumping puzzle, an improvement on my performance last year, and enjoyed the bell choir too, but all things considered I hope that next Wintersday we see a change to the activities related to it, perhaps a new story to accompany it.  Who knows, will it be a Canthan Wintersday next year….? (Only joking, we all know that’s not going to happen).

Goodbye Tixx, see you next year?

Goodbye Tixx, see you next year?

18th January

Why don’t I have more time in my weekend to play GW2?  So much real life stuff eating into my Tyrian time, never fear though I did get to spend some time today in game.  Ran an AC run to get the last tokens I needed for my Gift of Ascalon – legendary progress at 90% according to my trusty spreadsheet! – and then ran it again with some friends and guildies who wanted to do Story mode.  Finally I was wondering what to submit for today’s photo so I took inspiration from the recent Divinity’s Reach photos that have appeared on #gw2project365.

Looking down on Divinity's Reach

Looking down on Divinity’s Reach

17th January

I’ve decided to dedicate today’s post to my husband.  He took eager delivery of his new PS4 this week and has been playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag whenever he gets a chance.  I caught him the other day sitting on the sofa, controller in hand, shouting “Garr!” at the TV.  I asked him what he was doing, to which I got the reply, “I’m pirating!”.  “Of course you are dear” I responded and went back in the other room to play more GW2.  But just to show that I can also get up to ‘pirating’…

Pirating - Garr!

Pirating – Garr!