26th February

It took me just over a week to collect enough heirlooms but today I was able to get my Selfless potion.  The perfect accessory for days when I’m feeling angelic!  Hopefully I can get another heirloom stack for the Thoughtless potion, for those days when my evil twin comes out to play…

Totally angelic, or am I...

Totally angelic, or am I…

25th February

I imagine most people have skipped by a lot of NPCs whilst chasing events, citizens and living story achievements, I’m guilty of that too.  But then I happened to be exploring the airship and I ran across this woman and her hat, it looks new to me and I want it; so look out Lady, that hat will be mine…

Ok, now where did she find that hat?

Ok, now where did she find that hat?


23rd February

The greater part of this week has been spent in and around the Vigil Keep area, emptying bags and restocking whilst we wait for miasma levels to drop in LA. I got quite a few airship passes from opening the supply bags so I’ve spent a lot of my ‘down time’ lounging about up there.  Lets start off with an amazing view of the Captain’s Airship, the Havoc’s Heir,  hovering above Vigil’s Keep.

Havo's Heir Airship...from below

Havoc’s Heir Airship…from below

22nd February

Thought I’d better capture some pictures of the new refugee camps.  Whilst I imagine we will all be living out of suitcases for a while you never know, a fully rebuilt Lion’s Arch might be back before we know it (I really don’t see it happening, but hey it’s an excuse to take pics).

Hustle and bustle at Vigil's Keep.

Hustle and bustle at Vigil’s Keep.

21st February

So three days into the new patch and I am still finding the most amazing little surprises in the wreckage of Lion’s Arch.  I take my hat/helm off to Anet, they have done the most amazing job in redesigning the landscape; changing the pathways, opening up new (previously unreachable) sections of the city, creating niches, caves and cubbyholes as well as many little details like the Asuran’s security force field and the burst bank vault.

I may spend most of my time in LA chasing after Dolyaks, dodging aetherblades or generally running for my life but every so often I find I have to stop and take a good look around, whilst this usually results in some sort of violent death I have to forgive Anet for that, because I’m just having so much fun.

Sooooooo tempting....

Sooooooo tempting….