15th February

Adding another set of familiar faces to my LA ‘at risk’ list, the blessed moas of the moa racing track.  Luckily I have collected all the tickets I need to win my yellow moa mini, just in case…

Gogogo Mort!

Gogogo Mort!


14th February

All of Scarlet’s warmongering and hatred is reaching its peak – what a wonderful time to spread a little love instead.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day - have some love!

Happy Valentine’s Day – have some love!

Apologies for the rather ‘skimpy’ cupid outfit…

13th February

I know we often think of LA as a place to afk, play the trading post, show-off our looks and generally stand around doing not much.  But I’ve had many fun parties with my guild and our friends, random strangers and my wonderful server, Tarnished Coast and most of them end up here with some sort of diving competition and general silliness.

Anyone fancy a dip?

Anyone fancy a dip?