18th February

I’d assumed that my post today would be the scorching flames and ash-filled air of Lion’s Arch.  Alas, a delay with the patch meant that my experience is delayed till I get back from work tomorrow. I’m only slightly disgruntled, I’d rather the content was stable and right, but I miss not being able to play for the first day.

As I know many of you have been, I hung around in LA for a while listening to constant calls for mesmer portals to the top of the bank and the high point above Traders’ Forum,  for server photo-shoots by the forge, by the fountain, by anywhere really…  After a while I stumbled off and completed about 10 personal story instances with some guildies (idle hands are the Devil’s tools and all that).

But here you go, a Tarnished Coast collective pic on the Lion’s Arch fountain – will we ever see it standing proudly again?

LA (as we know it) goodbye.

LA (as we know it) goodbye.