1st April

Yay for Anet and their April Fools humour!  I loved this, it was totally unexpected and gave me hours of amusement.  I know they had a track record from the original Guild Wars days of doing little things like this, but I never played during those times so being able to experience it here in GW2 was great.  I’m not even sure I got my daily done on this day as I spent all my time switching through my various characters and taking screenshots.  This is just a very small sample to commemorate the day.

Merry April Fools Day!

Merry April Fools Day!

The 'not so secret' Bobblehead.

The ‘not so secret’ Bobblehead.

Bearbow Bobblehead.

Bearbow Bobblehead.

Biconic Bobbleheads.

Biconic Bobbleheads.


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