29th March

One of my guildmates loves to organise this game, it goes by many names but we tend to call it Witch Hunt.  He runs them around holiday events and they’re always a good laugh and something a bit different, especially for those of us who don’t RP the majority of the time.

The basic idea is a murder mystery, a person or persons are killing off villagers in the dead of night and you have to find out who they are before they kill off all the innocents.  The deaths can be particular gruesome, the daytime investigations lead quickly to outrageous accusations and come night time you can almost always be guarenteed another gory murder.  If you’re a killer you try to throw the blame on someone else, if you’re a villager you are suspicious of everyone.

Because he bases the events around holidays the killers are always a bit special, you might have witches, werewolves or vampires preying on the innocent at Halloween, at Christmas it’s the Elves, Turkeys on Thanksgiving and in the case of our most recent game…Leprechauns for St Patricks!

This time round I got to be a leprechaun and had great fun devising macabre ways to kill people with sacks of gold..mwahahaha.

Beware the killer leprechauns.

Beware the killer leprechauns.


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