7th – 11th March – Battlefield LA

Wow, it’s been a month since I last made a post – whoops!  My PC was packed up for much longer than I expected and life got busy with decorating and packing.  I still managed to play in Tyria most days, but my project365 suffered overall.  Things are getting back to normailty now so I’ve had a chance to go back through my various screenshots taken over the last month and put together a few posts to reflect my adventures in Tyria.

I’m going to group days together into clusters, so i don’t have to make 30+ individual posts but there should still be a screenshot for everyday missed.

My first cluster show me exploring (read: running for my life) through Lion’s Arch once our evacuation efforts were finished.

Precursor scavenger hunt?

Precursor scavenger hunt?

Surveying the Breachmaker from above the water...

Surveying the Breachmaker from above the water…

...and from below.

…and from below.

Battling one of Scarlet's Assault Knights.

Battling one of Scarlet’s Assault Knights.



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