27 June

So I let this project slide into a deep dark hole for just under three months but I have made myself a mid-year resolution to resurrect it and try to make it through the second half of the year with some consistency.  I have most definitely still been playing GW2 and I have been taking screenshots too, just not been doing anything with them.  I may go back through and post up a few from the missing months, but for now I’m just going to start with a review – modeled on my original post – so that I can see what I’ve achieved so far this year and also things I still want to get done.

This place where I am now...

This place where I am now…

  • I have played for 3216 hrs, 1967 on my main character, over the 647 days I have been in Tyria.  Oh and my main has now died 1949 times 😦
  • I currently have 20 character slots occupied; 9 level 80′s representing one of every profession (and an extra Guardian) and an additional 10 mid to low level characters awaiting levelling.  The final occupied slot currently belongs to my key farmer. In total there are 13 female characters and 7 male and at least one of each armour class in each race.  I have also been inspired by this player (Emberfoot) who has managed to level an 80 of every race in every profession – this is my new goal…
  • My fractal level is still 23, my WvW rank on my account is 143 and my PvP level is (still) 3 (!)  Achievement points stand at 12,382 and Magic Find at 139% (132 from luck, 7 from AP).
  • I still need 2 dungeon paths for my Dungeon Master title; Aetherblade path in TA and path 4 in Arah.
  • I have mastered all crafts, up to 500 where available, and have geared out my main with ascended armour, weapons and trinkets – My next goal is to produce a set of heavy and a set of medium ascended armour – praise Anet that these are now account bound.
  • I have finished crafting my second legendary (Sunrise) and am currently working towards the Bifrost.
  • And since the wardrobe feature has been introduced since I started this project I thought it might be fun to record my current stats – I’d like to start collecting missing dungeon and cultural skins and then see what gaps I have left.  I currently have unlocked 672 armour skins, 35 backpieces, 320 weapons and 8 outfits for a total of 1035 skins unlocked.



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