2 July

Well I booked a day off work, something I don’t/can’t normally do for patch days amd I’m so glad I did cos today has been a blast.  I’ve explored every single nook and cranny of Dry Top and I still don’t think I’ve experienced all the events.  I spent a wonderfully frustrating hour inside the Fallen Hopes instance, mainly just trying to get to the top to then leap off and hope to land in a teenie-tiny pile of hay.  But perhaps my most amazing achievement of the day was meeting the Legendary Llama, he even does a little dance when you find him so I’ve renamed him the Legendary Llamarama!

Loving the opening of Living Story Season 2 and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.  Although if you could ease off on Sylvari villains for a while Tulaah would be grateful…

Legendary Llamarama!!

Legendary Llamarama!!


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