15 – 21 July Weekly Digest

Welcome to the second weekly round-up, another mixed bunch this week, some living story, some personal story and some…well other stuff.

15th July

When last we spoke both Tulaah and Kira has begun to explore Dry Top, helping out crash victims and persuing Scarlet’s past activity in the area.  Whilst they were there strange things were happening elsewhere in Tyria, vines previously only found in Dry Top and Tangle Root began to spread out to other areas, seemingly attracted to waypoints.  Finally we discovered that asuran technology is indeed susceptible to something when one of the vines in Brisbane Wildlands wrapped itself around a waypoint and shattered it.

This won't end well...

This won’t end well…

16th July

We discovered new areas by following Scarlet’s trail, we discovered much more than new areas if truth be told.  I was really tempted to throw up a bunch of screenshot but I’m trying hard to stick to the ‘one shot per day’ idea.  I will definitely be featuring more of the area as the story progresses and as I visit the area with other characters.  I picked this screenshot because it really was the most jaw-dropping moment I’ve had in this game for a long while; the scale of the place, the questions it raises – just amazing.

Amazing discovery - the ley line hub.

Amazing discovery – the ley line hub.

17th July

I added a new notch to my completionist belt this week when I discovered that I wasn’t happy taking level 80s to do the new LS content if they hadn’t already finished their own personal story.  I know that the devs have written all the new dialogue to reflect that you have finished it, even if you haven’t, but that didn’t sit well with me.  So…time to take Binky back in time to his days with the Pact, those halcyon days of Orr.  First off, let’s clear the risen out of Fort Trinity – has anyone seen my Blue Orb of mystery?

Anyone want to play marbles?

Anyone want to play marbles?

18th July

One thing led to another and before you know it Binky had managed to get himself, Destiny’s Edge and the Pact forces to the fabled gates of Arah.  An inflight movie and some complementary drinks later and we were down one Elder Dragon – rejoice!

Binky's turn finally came to tweak the noise of that pesky Elder Dragon.

Binky’s turn finally came to tweak the noise of that pesky Elder Dragon.

19th July

You may think that getting a haircut is a bit of a slow news day, but I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for a new style for Tulaah.  As she was my first character, by the time I’d levelled her to 80 and discovered the joy of cosmetic backpieces I quickly realised that her ponytail caused massive clipping issues with nearly all of them.  Unfortunately, I was so used to her by this point that any hairstyle I tried out made her feel like a totally different character, not the curious Sylvari I had spent time with map completing, following her story and reaching 80 with.  But with the latest hairstyle releases I finally found it – it’s shorter, presents no clipping issues but, most importantly, when I look at her it is still Tulaah.  So a big thank you to the ‘hair designers’ at Anet – you may consider this a win.

New hair - bring on the back pieces...finally.

New hair – bring on the back pieces…finally.

20th July

Brutus, my current levelling project, reached 80 this week.  I actually had a lot of fun levelling him, everyone knows warriors are OP but I had great fun taking advantage of this to push him through areas and personal stories much higher than his current level.  When I did find the gap too big I used some of my stock of tomes to add a couple of levels and go back and try again.  And because of all this he had travelled most of the way into Orr by the time he hit 80 (harvesting Ghost Peppers – how heroic!) and he too was ready to knock on the gates of Arah.

Brutus reaches level 80 whilst harvesting Ghost Peppers in Orr.

Brutus reaches level 80 whilst harvesting Ghost Peppers in Orr.

Bonus screenshot – A quick trip to the shops for some gear and Brutus was ready to embrace his destiny as Commander of the Pact.

What time is it? Zhaitan-slapping time!

What time is it? Zhaitan-slapping time!

21st July

Hot on the heels of Brutus reaching 80 I chose my next project, it is going to be a Sylvari but in the end I opted to focus on my thief rather than my guardian. So please allow me to introduce you to Zaloma.  She looks pretty snazzy right now (level 25) but I won’t keep up with transmuting the look as she levels – to compensate I did give her one of the nice new hairstyles.  Rather than focusing on personal story to level I think Zaloma is going to prioritise exploration but we’ll see how she gets on.

A true thief, she's already been stealing from the account wardrobe...

A true thief, she’s already been stealing from the account wardrobe…




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