22 – 28 July Weekly Digest

Patch day arrives and therefore so does the next #GW2Project365 weekly digest.  This week I took a trip back in time, amongst other things.

22 July

The beginning of the week saw me continue with my new leveling project, Zaloma.  Nobody visits The Grove without a screenie in the secret grove – think this might be my second ‘secret grove’ shot of the project…

Young saplings.

Young saplings.

23 July

Before leaving The Grove, Zaloma pays a visit to the Pale Tree and whilst there takes some time to contemplate Ventari’s tablet.  I hadn’t realised before that you can angle your camera to get a good look at it from above, love the attention to detail with the moss and little blue flowers that cling to it.  Looking at the tablet and having read up on information about Dry Top past and present I was inspired to take a gaming detour…

Ventari's tablet triggered a little side quest...

Ventari’s tablet triggered a little side quest…

24 July

…back into GW1, which I bought not long after I started playing GW2 with the idea of playing through the original, learning the lore and unlocking some HOM points.  Needless to say I only ever got as far as Lion’s Arch before GW2 completely took me over.  So I picked up my Warrior/Ranger, found myself MOX to help me out a little and pushed on with the Prophecies story in the hopes of reaching Dry Top and the other areas of Maguuma Wastes.  I made it to Bloodstone Fen with MOX and some henchmen before I realised at level 16 I couldn’t make it much further.  I turned back to Lions Arch to do some of the side quests and level up a bit and before you know it I’d headed down a hole in the ground and ended up in…

Guild Wars 1 - meeting the Eye of Janthir.

Guild Wars 1 – meeting the Eye of Janthir.

25 July

The Eye of the North!  Finally reaching the fabled Hall of Monuments I was even able to add MOX into one of the displays to gain another HOM point.  Not only that but I was able to recruit some EotN heros to my little band and am currently feeling much more ready to face the world.  I don’t particularly want to jump all around the different campaigns without finishing them so my plan is to return back to LA with my newly acquired ‘friends’ and finishing leveling to 20.  Hopefully I can head back out to Bloodstone Fen and pick up my story after that.

Guild Wars 1 - Behold! The Hall of Monuments.

Guild Wars 1 – Behold! The Hall of Monuments.

26 July

Back in the Tyria of now I happened to be running along the eastside of LA heading for the Postern Ward services when I stumbled across this little guy – the squeee of delight was audible.  New little baby moas being raised by Tigg the Moa Racing asura.  I was very sad we weren’t able to save his orginial racers in the battle for Lion’s Arch but its good to see him getting the business back up and running.  Hopefully he may introduce a new mini moa prize in future?

*Squeeeee* Baby Moas.

*Squeeeee* Baby Moas.

27 July

Sundays = guild get-togethers for us and two guilds we ally with.  I hold my hand up now and say this group shot was actually taken the previous Sunday, but I had to give that over to Brutus’s triumphant rise to level 80 and subsequent kicking of Zhaitan.  So, not wanting to leave out such a great community shot I thought I’d put it in today – hi to all my friends in Legion of Honour, Vanquish and ROAR.

Guild alliance get together.

Guild alliance get together.

28 July

So many excellent shots of Dry Top and the newer areas, the Ley Line hub really was a jaw-dropper the first time I went in there but on the way to it I’d completely skipped this vista which is equally as stunning, especially as it reveals the oasis at the end.  Not sure we’ll be getting any new areas in this next patch, by the looks of things we will be heading back to more familiar areas, but the maps released with the last two patches are still showing me new things and events.

Towards the Oasis.

Towards the Oasis.

So I hope everyone enjoys the new patch, it looks like it’s going to shake things up a bit – here’s to a happy and eventful week in Tyria.


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