2nd January

I hope that the majority of my 365 screenshots will reflect the fun and adventures I’m having in game that day. However, as I hold out hope that this will be the Year of Horizontal Progression, I thought I would start with a snapshot of where I am with some of my achievements.  I want to be able to look back at this post in 12 months time and see how far I’ve come, whilst having all my fun and adventures.

This place where I am.

This place where I am.

Not everything can be reflected in one screenshot, so just to add to the record at the start of this project, I wanted to note the following.

  • I have played for 2590 hrs, 1647 on my main character, over the 472 days I have been in Tyria.  Oh and my main had died 1787 times 😦
  • I currently have 15 character slots occupied; 7 level 80’s and a level 56 Ranger representing one of every profession and an additional 7 low level characters awaiting levelling.  In total there are 10 female characters and 5 male and one of each armour class in each race.
  • My fractal level is 23, my WvW rank on my main is 64 and my PvP level is 3 (!)  Achievement points stand at 10,217 and Magic Find at 107% (101 from luck, 6 from AP).
  • I need 3 dungeon paths for my Dungeon Master title; Aetherblade path in TA and paths 1 and 4 in Arah.
  • I have mastered all crafts, up to 500 where available, and am working slowly at gearing out my main with ascended armour and additional ascended weapons – currently I have one ascended staff and a pile of T7 mats I can’t decide whether to sell or use…
  • I have crafted one legendary – Incinerator – and am working on a second, as yet undecided.

Bring it on 2014 – I am not afraid!