4th March

Today’s the day.  Heroes of Tyria are preparing for the Battle for Lion’s Arch and I’ve got a message for Scarlet Briar.

“I’m coming for you!”

I'm coming for you Scarlet Briar!

I’m coming for you Scarlet Briar!

3rd March

A final confrontation with Scarlet Briar is looming, so a quite moment of reflection seemed appropriate.

A quiet moment of reflection.

A quiet moment of reflection.

2nd March

Another enjoyable Sunday evening spent with my friends and guildmates doing missions.  We regularly party up with two other guilds and share the missions between us, it’s like one nice big extended family.  This week we succeeded in all missions including tracking down our bounties (including that pesky Prisoner 1141), rescuing the Quaggans of Mount Maelstrom, besting the maze in Proxemics Lab and completing the Ghost Wolf run.

Commendations for all!

Doing it 'Ghost Wolf Style'.

Doing it ‘Ghost Wolf Style’.

1st March

Yay!  We made it to March, with only a few delayed posts along the way.  In honour of the new month, and after the rather traumatic images that came at the end of February, I thought I’d start with something nice and tranquil.

Divinely tranquil

Divinely tranquil

26th February

It took me just over a week to collect enough heirlooms but today I was able to get my Selfless potion.  The perfect accessory for days when I’m feeling angelic!  Hopefully I can get another heirloom stack for the Thoughtless potion, for those days when my evil twin comes out to play…

Totally angelic, or am I...

Totally angelic, or am I…