20th January

I’m usually something of a completionist when it comes to achievements for living story and the like, so I’ve surprised myself this Wintersday but only completing just over half of the related achievements.  The ones I haven’t done relate to the activities in Tixx’s Infinirarium, which I was around to complete the previous year and the snowball mayhem game.  I managed to conquer the Wintersday jumping puzzle, an improvement on my performance last year, and enjoyed the bell choir too, but all things considered I hope that next Wintersday we see a change to the activities related to it, perhaps a new story to accompany it.  Who knows, will it be a Canthan Wintersday next year….? (Only joking, we all know that’s not going to happen).

Goodbye Tixx, see you next year?

Goodbye Tixx, see you next year?

13th January

Fingers crossed for some Living Story related news from Arenanet tomorrow.  In the meantime Wintersday is drawing to a close, if you have outstanding achievements for A Very Merry Wintersday or The Nightmare Within there is a week left to finish them off.  I know I will be focussing some time this week to helping Tixx with his rampant toys, something I’ve been neglecting the past few weeks.

NEWSFLASH! - Asuran tornado devastates diorama

NEWSFLASH! – Asuran tornado devastates diorama