19th February

No time to weep for friends lost and memories burned and twisted in the devastation, we must rally and save those we can before all is gone forever!

Oh the horror!

Oh the horror!


18th February

I’d assumed that my post today would be the scorching flames and ash-filled air of Lion’s Arch.  Alas, a delay with the patch meant that my experience is delayed till I get back from work tomorrow. I’m only slightly disgruntled, I’d rather the content was stable and right, but I miss not being able to play for the first day.

As I know many of you have been, I hung around in LA for a while listening to constant calls for mesmer portals to the top of the bank and the high point above Traders’ Forum,  for server photo-shoots by the forge, by the fountain, by anywhere really…  After a while I stumbled off and completed about 10 personal story instances with some guildies (idle hands are the Devil’s tools and all that).

But here you go, a Tarnished Coast collective pic on the Lion’s Arch fountain – will we ever see it standing proudly again?

LA (as we know it) goodbye.

LA (as we know it) goodbye.

23rd January

Threw myself into Marionette events with gusto this evening, looking to collect enough of Scarlet’s fragments to discover the secrets hidden about her lair, or loot shack as I like to call it.  I was not disappointed with what I found there, some most intriguing discoveries.

Killer heels...

Killer heels…

22nd January

Yeah, so tonight I’ve been mostly waypointing between Lornar’s Pass and Bloodtide Coast.  Riding the overflow, commander-rich pugfests that are Scarlet’s Marionette and the Giant Jungle Wurm encounters.  Was on a great overflow that completed the marionette despite a few failed strings, no joy with the wurm – although I did get swallowed several times!

So far I’m loving the patch.  I love watching the community come together to work out the strategies for beating these events, whether they succeed every time or not.

Strange things afoot at Lornar's Pass.

Strange things afoot at Lornar’s Pass.

21st January

Patch Day!!!!

So excited, but limited for play time this evening.  I have had a chance to fight both the Marionette and the Giant Jungle Wurm and had the privilege of being part of the mass slaughter inflicted by both.  I have absolute faith that the community will crack both of these pretty quick, and in the meantime I’ll just have fun wading in and killing without prejudice.

Oh and as you may be able to see in the picture, I crafted Sunrise today (yay! shiny).

Giant Jungle Wurm 1 - Tyria 0

Giant Jungle Wurm 1 – Tyria 0