4th March

Today’s the day.  Heroes of Tyria are preparing for the Battle for Lion’s Arch and I’ve got a message for Scarlet Briar.

“I’m coming for you!”

I'm coming for you Scarlet Briar!

I’m coming for you Scarlet Briar!

23rd January

Threw myself into Marionette events with gusto this evening, looking to collect enough of Scarlet’s fragments to discover the secrets hidden about her lair, or loot shack as I like to call it.  I was not disappointed with what I found there, some most intriguing discoveries.

Killer heels...

Killer heels…

22nd January

Yeah, so tonight I’ve been mostly waypointing between Lornar’s Pass and Bloodtide Coast.  Riding the overflow, commander-rich pugfests that are Scarlet’s Marionette and the Giant Jungle Wurm encounters.  Was on a great overflow that completed the marionette despite a few failed strings, no joy with the wurm – although I did get swallowed several times!

So far I’m loving the patch.  I love watching the community come together to work out the strategies for beating these events, whether they succeed every time or not.

Strange things afoot at Lornar's Pass.

Strange things afoot at Lornar’s Pass.