12 – 18 August Weekly Digest

Late once more.  I’ll tell you this, I’m never moving again – this house we’re buying is going to be my ‘death nest’ because I can’t go through all this stress another time!  Luckily Tyria is my sanity spot, a welcome distraction from the real life frustrations.

12 August

Phizla, my second mesmer, has been parked on the shelf for a couple of months now.  As the patch for Dragons Reach Pt 2 didn’t come down the pipe until late on my time I spent a bit of time with her.  Reaching level 60 she was rewarded with some new cultural armour, also helping with my ongoing project to populate my wardrobe with skins.

Phizla models her new threads.

Phizla models her new threads.

13 August

Sinking my teeth into the new patch, I loved the party in Divintiy’s Reach, some great writing and lots of stuff to enjoy.  Plus, bonus Chauncey!  The inquest fight with Taimi was ok although I did feel a little emotionally battered after it was through.  Then it was on to the summit itself, a procession, a bunch of dialogue and finally a pretty dangerous boss fight.  I wasn’t prepared for all that AOE and went down more then I’d care to admit.

Summit Procession.

Summit Procession.

14 August

I went back to the story to rewatch the Pale Tree’s vision again – there’s lots of stuff to take in and I am so curious to see how it all ties in with the second half of LS – whenever that gets picked up again.  I was going to use a different screen shot for today until I noticed the face – can’t believe I missed it whilst watching the vision in game – I think this is so clever and well done.

I know your face from my dream...

I know your face from my dream…

15 August

I had the forsight to continue making plant food after I completed the first stage of the vine backpiece so I was halfway there when the new recipes came out, plus I was sitting on a mountain of Firefox Clusters.  I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I really like the vine, plus it’s so nice for Tulaah to have a backpiece at all after her haircut I figure I’ll show it off for a while.  Now to make more food for the final Mawdrey version.

Tulaah demonstrates her 'green fingers'.

Tulaah demonstrates her ‘green fingers’.

16 August
House buying stress levels reached a peak on the 16th and all I wanted was distraction – thank you Anet for EoTM, mindless zerging was exactly what I needed.  Thank you to the numerous commanders I followed and to the opposing teams for their many loot bags.
A nice relaxing zerg - just what the doctor ordered.

A nice relaxing zerg – just what the doctor ordered.

17 August

Sunday dawned and the rain was falling – perfect GW2 weather.  I’ve got a long term goal to fill up as much of my wardrobe as I can so today I picked up a project that has been patiently waiting for months – spinal backpieces!  I already had one normal tempered ascended version and I’d made sure that during the Battle for LA content I collected 10 of each coloured power core and enough blade shards ready for the day when I had resources, time and inclination to make two more Gift of Blades.  It took most of my stock of Elonian leather but I used up nearly all my saved blade shards (yay! more bank space) and I am really pleased with how they look on their chosen wearers.

Personal project #179 - complete.

Personal project #179 – complete.

18 August

Another personal project one step closer to completion – Dungeon Master!  After an epic TA Aetherblade run with some very patient guildies (it started on Sunday night and ran into the early hours of Monday morning) I now only have one path left to achieve my DM title.  Look out Arah 4, I’m coming to get you…Soon™.

Suspiciously quiet in the Aetherblade hideout.

Suspiciously quiet in the Aetherblade hideout.


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