27th January

Rejoice Tyria!  Zhaitan is dead…again.

A couple of bonus screens today in honour of our victory celebration.  We had a wonderfully smooth run through Arah, although most of us are no stranger to Victory or Death, as always the loot was terrible.  Perhaps if they improved the mob drops throughout more people would run it?

Anyway, no doubt I’ll be back to visit old ‘Z’ again soon with either my engineer, necro or ranger – can I get all three through by the end of the project365?

All aboard The Glory of Tyria.

All aboard The Glory of Tyria.

Triumphant return to Fort Trinity.

Triumphant return to Fort Trinity.

Dancing with Wozmack the Wonderful's troupe of ghostly moas.

Dancing with Wozmack the Wonderful’s troupe of ghostly moas.

8th January

Busy day at work followed by a relaxing mat-gathering trip through Orr, secured a couple of temples for the Pact, nipped to Southsun to help them out with their Karka problem and finished the night dusting off the fractal cobwebs I’ve built up since before Christmas.  Time for bed *yawn*.

Be Warned! You're in Gods' Country now...

Be Warned! You’re in Gods’ Country now…