26th January

Today was a good day – built and geared my engineer, cleared up a couple of sections of Twilight Arbor, some fun and well attended guild missions and finishing with my Mesmer’s final few personal story steps to get to the gates of Arah – watch out Zhaitan, I’m coming for you…again! (this will be my 5th chracter to complete the personal story)

The Nightmare Tree defeated.

The Nightmare Tree defeated.

14th January

Very excited to see the new teaser video for the Origins of Madness patch today, looking forward to getting back to the Living Story even if it is starting to wind-up for this ‘arc’.

I’ve also discovered that posting a picture everyday, related to my activities in game, has the distinct possibility of becoming repetitive.  I will try to keep it fresh and interesting but the truth is I have a goal (crafting Sunrise) and at the moment, particularly in my working week, my evenings are spent working towards that. With all that being said, here’s today’s shot, another little something from the Ascalonian Catacombs.

Hang on, this isn't what I was wearing when I came in...?

Hang on, this isn’t what I was wearing when I came in…?